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An overdue update…..

Hello! I’m annoyed at myself for leaving it so long to update this blog, even if i am the only person who reads it. If anyone else does actually read this then I apologise. I promise that i’ll try to update it more often.

Since my last post I’ve been involved in a few things. I have written and recorded some music most of which has been for myself. Two pieces I recorded recently were for two separate short films both made by a friend of mine Denisha Anderson.

I wasn’t going to post any videos/music from these short films as they are currently being entered into various Film Festivals. However one of the films has three composers involved and as a result the final soundtrack sounds significantly different to my original idea. For this reason I feel it would do no harm to post a shortened sample of my recording HERE.

As always the music I’ve recorded for my own gratification is either unfinished or just unsatisfactory. I will be posting a thing or two in the near future though.

Since I got my iPhone earlier this year, I’ve been spending a lot of time on the Garage Band app. Although limited in sounds and tools it’s pretty amazing what you can create on it. Oddly enough, I’ve been making a lot of (to put it loosely) ‘dance’ tracks. It basically sounds like house music for the Sega Megadrive. I really like it but I would ideally like to re-create these tracks on proper music software to get it sounding less like a computer game and more like real music. This is something I hope(!!) will happen soon. Also I may posts a track or two from garage band if i’m feeling brave enough.

Right, there’s other stuff to tell but you’re bored and I’m tired. Will reveal soon!

good night,


Music for Short film: Pensieve by Kemi David

Pensieve, by Kemi David from Free Film Festivals on Vimeo.

During the summer i was emailed by Kemi asking to use one of my compositions for a short film she had just finished shooting. It’s a piece i had written and recorded a while back in 2007-8. The inspiration for this piece stemed from hearing the late Henryk Górecki’s ‘Symphony of Sorrowful Songs’ which still has an influence on my music today. 

The film itself is about 5 minutes longer than the original composition so i had to re-edit using loops etc to match it to the length of the film. Even though the music and film were created independently the mood of both seem to compliment eachother well.

The film stars Wil Johnson (Waking the Dead, which i’m a big fan of!)

I hope you enjoy it!

The making of the ‘Realigning Innocent’ music.

At some point when we were both in the Kus house in Bognor, Mike overheard me playing a few ideas on the piano that he thought might make a good soundtrack for a video he was working on. The first had come from a crappy recording I made in 2007 whilst I was at Brighton Uni. The second was something I came up with in early 2011. I then took the fundamental parts of each idea and merged it into one, culminating with what you hear in the video.

Unfortunately, with my god awful laptop and lack of microphone-supporting inputs made recording somewhat more difficult than it could have been. Initially, I played a full-length live drum track but, due of the lack of microphones, I had little control over mixing. To solve this quandary, I actually recorded each part of the drum kit separately; taking a few bars of each and then piecing them all together to make the full drum track.

With the drum tracks down I could concentrate on the melodic spectrum of instruments. Being my favourite instrument to record (mainly out of convenience) I dived straight into the piano tracks. I got a little too immersed and recorded about eight different parts on the piano. I did cut it down for the final edit but only to six, which is pretty excessive (though all still integral in my opinion!). With just one mic balanced at table height, I recorded a nylon string guitar and a glockenspiel in about ten minutes. They were probably the nicest/easiest parts to record.


I wanted an electric guitar riff and a live bass track featuring on the track but didn’t have the means to do so in London so I visited a friend of mine, Kit Mason. We spent the time talking about Peep Show and drinking tea, and the final 15 minutes frantically trying to get an unspoilt recording. We didn’t get a bass track down in time (even with the aid of Andy Phipps) due to loud, upsetting fuzz all over the track.

I spent a lot of time structuring the track and making it the correct length to fit Mike’s video. After a while it was looking quite promising but there was still one major ball-ache: my chronic lack of decent music software and the skills to use it. But that’s precisely where animation whiz (and musician) Scott Coello came in. Having just met Scott at FOWD London 2011, he used his tech nous to help me mix my track, giving it a whole new lease of life – all this for a very minimal beer reward.

'Realigning Innocent' video

Recently I wrote and recorded music for a video created by my brother Mike Kus, a web/graphic designer, showing him realigning the Innocent homepage.

Also, now that I have a platform to voice my thoughts I’d like to thank the following people for helping me in some way during the making of this project…

Mike Kus, Scott Coello, Bethan Morgan, Eugen Kus, Kathleen Kus, Kit MasonRoger Mason and Andy Phipps.


"We’re going through changes-e-es" - Ozzy / Kelly Osbourne

After setting up a ‘blogspot’ just days ago i’ve suddenly defected to ‘tumblr’ as it seems to be where everyone is at these days and i don’t want to be left behind. I know i look silly but i’m confident the benefit will outweigh the embarrassment….we’ll see anyway.